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Resources for PSHE and assemblies


Teaching resources

Here is a collection of assemblies and lessons for key stage 3 and 4 students. This will be a rapidly expanding section, many of the resources will be free or available for a nominal fee.

The resources are a mix of powerpoint presentations and worksheets, suitable for older secondary students.

Supporting resources

Resources online including websites and youtube clips
Recommended reads that may be of use for students in various areas of business
Films and documentaries used in their entirety or part to accompany course materials
Field Trips
Some suggestions for field trips in the UK.

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Motivational posters

FREE motivational posters

Click the poster you like: it opens in a new window then print or export (save) as a pdf.

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FREE famous quotes posters

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Assemblies and presentations

Resources for assemblies

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Teaching resources and activities

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Suitable for KS3
PSHE: Human needs - Life necessities

. Maslow's hierarchy of needs
. Basic needs
. Needs v Wants
. Self-esteem

Powerpoint presentation (15 pages) for 2-3 lessons

Fully adaptable to meet your the needs of your students

Suitable for KS3
PSHE: Safety at home and outside

. Dangers in the home
. Natural hazards
. Car safety - use of technology
. Cycling - equipment and behaviour
. Environment

Powerpoint presentation of 8 slide for 1-2 lessons

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Suitable for KS3
. Economy and globalisation
. Advantages and disadvantages of globalisation
. Inequality in income and wealth
. Fairtrade
. Ethical consumerism
. Socially responsible investing

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. What is corruption and in what areas does it take place?
. Why does corruption occur?
. What is the impact of corruption?
. Unethical behaviour in education
. Unethical behaviour in the workplace

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. Being a 'smart consumer
. Main features of sound financial management
. Different forms of borrowing and lending

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Suitable for KS3 + KS$
. Analysis of skills and traits that employers are looking for
. Self review of own skills and targets
. Target setting for skills

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. Work experience booklet

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. A simple excel spreadsheet used for revision planning

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£5.00 Click to BUY
£5.00 Click to BUY

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Suitable for KS3 + KS$
. Analysis of skills and traits that employers are looking for
. Self review of own skills and targets
. Target setting for skills

Suitable for KS3-KS4
Work experience booklet covering:
. Purpose work experience
. Skills needed - self assessment & peer assessment
. Preparation for work experience
. Concerns about work experience
. Work experience review, evaluation and assessment

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. A Life mapping exercise used across the school
. May be repeated as the students grow older
. Can compare with previous life mapping and used as a basis for discussion - what's changed, why has it changed?

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£5.00 Click to buy
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Suitable for KS3 + KS$
Leadership Trait cards

An introduction to Leadership
. What is leadership?
. Opportunities for leadership
. Leadership traits
. Leadership styles
. Examples of leadership

Suitable for KS3-KS4
. Team work cycle used in conjunction with team building exercises
. Used as pocket sized cards to act as a reminder for participants