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History resources and much more …..

Our history section covers an ever expanding list of uniquely designed resources, which are proven to be effective for students of all abilities.
The resources are created for a specific exam board, rather than the generic books currently in the market.
Most of the resources include an extensive set of notes, specific to the exam board with relevant exercises to reinforce knowledge and understanding in addition to exam style questions.
Our format lays out information in a specific way allowing students to easily access the information they need when , is linked to the exam questions e.g. causes and consequences.
Furthermore for many topics we have included a list of recommended media, including our own youtube channel: GCSE History.
The combination of resources and the website should provide all the materials needed for successful, challenging lessons.
A variety of timelines covering the main events


Resources online including websites and youtube clips

Recommended reads that may be of use for students in various areas of business

Films and documentaries used in their entirety or part to accompany course materials

Field trips
Some suggestions for field trips in the UK.
Our history timelines section are designed specifically for the topic and exam board.

These have proved to very popular with teachers and students. They are used in many ways - as an introduction, to provide an overview and as revision.

Visually appealing we are constantly adding to the timelines, so check back regularly