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UAE Social Studies

UAE Social Studies


Social Studies is an under resourced subject, so we hope that you find these more than useful.
The resources follow the Social Studies programme of History, Geography, Economics and National Education.

UAE Social Studies teaching resources are for Years 7 -10.
They are designed for students of all abilities.

Each unit has a range of activities for students of differing ability, including extension work for the more able. Teachers and students can choose the appropriate activities.

Tasks and activities are directly linked to the learning outcomes and whilst each unit is broken down into lessons the content may be too much for one lesson - again that may depend on individual classes.

Feedback is always welcome as we strive to bring you the highest quality teaching resources.

Resources online including websites and youtube clips
Recommended reads that may be of use for students in various areas of business
Films and documentaries used in their entirety or part to accompany course materials
Field Trips
Some suggestions for field trips

All the above are suggestions, every teacher/school is responsible for ascertaining any potential copyright infringement and are responsible for any risk assessment for field trips in accordance with their own policies.

Year 7 lessons

Year 8 lessons

Year 9 lessons